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Steps to Hire a Virtual Assistant

Being able to scale your business and design the lifestyle you want without having to do everything by yourself requires adding people to your team. Mark & Anne have hired employees and hired virtual assistants. They know it all and have made all the mistakes. Understanding how to hire and use virtual assistants have increased their profits and effectiveness while allowing for the lifestyle they desired. Best part is they can teach you how to do it too.

What you get:

  • Dozens of done for you training videos for your VA so that you can reduce training time for real estate investing. Including how to evaluate comps, determine ARV, find properties on the MLS & craigslist, submit offers for you, answer the phone & make cold calls.
  • How to determine whether you should hire an employee or virtual assistant
  • How to screen team members to hire the best candidates
  • Understand what virtual assistants can do to help you grow
  • Where to hire the best talent based on your needs
  • Provide the best on-boarding documentation for maximum success

& A whole lot more