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Mastery_Coaching_PicMark & Anne have been helping other real estate investors for years. They have developed several coaching options to help others achieve their dreams through real estate.

Full Service Coaching:

Mark & Anne have partnered with the best in the business to provide students with cutting edge curriculum with 2 new classes each and every week in addition to critical foundational courses. 6 months of a specific curriculum to provide you with a solid foundation. Whether you are interested in Flipping, Wholesaling or Rentals, this training & coaching combo can’t be beat.  This comes with 6 or more personal one on one coaching sessions either from us or our coaching partners across the US. To find out more sign up now!

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A Day with the Lackeys:

Don’t know where to begin, but want to get started with the pros? Invest in this 1 day one on one with Mark & Anne Lackey. This 8 hour time together will start off with an overview of what you are looking for and how to use real estate to achieve those goals. Then we will go on a Property tour. We will show you how to evaluate homes to flip or to rent. They will show you how to evaluate repair estimates, determine the after repair value, and even put in an offer if you want. This is for local attendees only. $1,000/day. (50% credit provided for any commission earned from using us as your buyer’s agent for any home we evaluated that day.)



Lifestyle Blueprint:

Are you already a success real estate investor, but want to take your business to the next level? This 5 week course is an interactive home study course with 4 one hour coaching sessions through SKYPE or in person. We look at where you are now and where you want to be, evaluate your financial position, review potential risks, & evaluate what is missing from your current strategies. This requires about 2-3 hours per week of study in addition to the 4 one on one meetings with Mark & Anne Lackey. $1,500.00

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We definitely learned a great deal from you and utilize your knowledge to improve our business. In addition to the knowledge you share you also inspire us to be better and we are extremely grateful.
- Kelly, Brian, Tom & Dan
I learned actual techniques that they are using in their business which was a fresh look at what I am doing. It helped me get recharged & focused. I appreciate that.
- M. Smets